I'm Sarah Lacey, an Ohio native and photographer/mixed media artist! The name SpillProofLiquid comes from my initials (SPL) and was born out of my childhood imagination. My stylistically repetitive hand work focuses on a drippy, slimey pattern in various color palettes. I typically create 3 to 4 color designs with graphic linework and flat colors. I am inspired by Japanese anime and style (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure specifically), psychedelic 70's styles including shag carpeting, psychedelic designs and themes and concert posters, especially rock concerts. I focus on craft-type art and handmade methods including sewing, DIY clothing/style/aesthetic, latchhook rugs, etc.

Process and Materials
I use a variety of processes to create my work, most of which are hands-on and meticulous. I make as much of my products by hand as I can. I sew all my masks by hand, my fabric is designed by me and printed by Contrado. I 3D print my dice trays, tumblers and other products with my Ender 3 Pro 3D printer. My acyrlic sheet supplier is Delvie's Plastics. All of my acrylic goods are lasercut on a community Glowforge laser cutter. I bend the sterling silver wire for all of my earring hooks by hand. My wooden coasters and earrings are also lasercut then stained by hand. My shirts are hand screenprinted with fabric ink. I cut the yarn and map out my rug designs by hand as well as individually latching each string and coating the back in paintable rubber. Stickers are designed by me and printed by StickerMule.